#valuable’s call to business to put disability on the board agenda (FAQ)

Our goal is to get 500 businesses around the world to commit to putting the one billion people living with a disability on their boardroom agenda. We want you to be one of them. Here’s our FAQ on how.

What does my organisation have to do to participate in this call to action?
Make a commitment to put disability inclusion on your boardroom agenda – or equivalent senior management meeting for smaller organisations – within 6 months. If it already is a boardroom topic, you’re already there, so please let us know! Here’s where you can make your pledge.

What does disability inclusion involve?
Disability inclusion within business is the consideration of people with disabilities as customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders in the business.

In order to become inclusive an organisation should first consider how inclusive it currently is and develop an organisation-wide plan for improvement with measurable tasks and appropriate resources.

It doesn’t mean that your organisation must become fully inclusive in all areas within a given time-frame, just that your organisation is committed to consider the topic and how it can be better incorporated into your company strategy going forward.

Why should my organisation become inclusive to people with disabilities?
People living with a disability – of which there are more than 1 billion people worldwide – are part of the business ecosystem, just like everyone else. They are your customers, your suppliers, your talent and members of your communities. Inclusive companies benefit from:

  • Access to a substantial, under serviced market (valued at US8 trillion disposable income per year when you include family and friends)
  • Access to a broader, diverse talent base 
  • Enhanced employer and supplier brand reputation

In many countries there are legal regulations around accessibility and inclusive employment, so your organisation needs to be compliant.

Where can I find more information?
There are lots of free resources and tools available to help you to understand more about disability inclusion and how to productively incorporate it into your business. Please see below for sources of further information.

If you would like to recommend additional resources for businesses please email us at jointhetribe@binc.global  

Are there any specialised companies that can help me to improve disability inclusion in my organisation?
There are many consultancies that can advise you on developing and implementing your inclusion plan. Please see list below of some of these.

If you would like to amend or add details to the above list please email us at jointhetribe@binc.global

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