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Nada Sisalem is a digital marketer with a passion for leveraging the increasingly powerful and ever-changing digital sphere to shed light on the issues that impact us most. If you want to follow what Nada is up to check out her Twitter page here

We live in a world that is increasingly becoming interconnected. With digital media and technology facilitating communication and interaction to new heights, global boundaries are slowly blurring as we enter an era of hyper-connectivity.

Digital social media facilitated the virality of cat videos, memes, and fashion blogs and provided us all with a space to speak our minds, share our experiences, and connect with people from all across the world. What also came with digital media is a never-before-experienced ability to raise awareness about causes, such as women empowerment, animal rights, environmental sustainability, and last, but not least, promoting inclusiveness for people with disabilities. The online campaigns outlined below defy stereotypes and shed light on the true power of people with determination:

  1. CooreDown’s #NotSpecialNeeds Campaign for people with Down Syndrome, in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day. “What we really need is education, jobs and opportunities, friends, and some love, just like everybody else”. Amen, sista!

  1. Wheels4Lego, an online activism group, worked relentlessly in campaigning for Lego to produce Lego characters in wheelchairs, using hashtags such as #LiberateMiniFigures…and guess what? They succeeded!
  2. UNICEF launched a social media campaign promoting inspirational stories of children with disabilities to highlight their stories, achievements and struggles as well. This campaign was not only driven by UNICEF, but it also encouraged people with determination to share their own stories using the hashtag #ThisAbility

And finally, I would like to share with you another campaign – #valuable – which aims to create a world where nobody is left behind. We are all #valuable. Join us in promoting the inclusion of all people in business and in society.

Which hashtag will be used in your next social media post? Join us in making our world a more inclusive space!


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