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A guest blog by one of our young ambassadors, Tom Fraser. He works for a multinational vehicle manufacturer and wants to drive change and opportunity for people with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Working for a leading vehicle manufacturer it’s often easy to forget that our number one purpose is to provide mobility to help people reach a destination. Currently, our industry is very much focused on users who are capable of operating vehicles, however in years to come this will change with autonomous driving.

A close friend and relative, Zak, who has Down syndrome has more passion for cars than anyone I know, yet he will never legally be allowed to drive a vehicle. Autonomous driving will provide the ability for people, like Zak, with learning difficulties or disabilities to access a new form of mobility. I’m therefore passionate about creating change and opportunity in the automotive sector to ensure we are doing more to offer jobs and experience to people with learning difficulties or disabilities. I strongly believe that these people are extremely valuable and have so much to offer. I want to see a more equal and integrated industry, where people with learning difficulties or disabilities are pioneering products and services. I believe that their ideas and experiences will greatly enhance the industry’s ability to provide mobility solutions, particularly as a lot of these people have to overcome mobility challenges on a daily basis.

I want to expand my network of people who are passionate about inclusion so that I can implement change in my own organisation and industry, with the hope that this can inspire change in other sectors and nations. I want to ensure people with learning difficulties and disabilities are an integral part of the future not just in the automotive sector but in every sector globally.

Zak is better at operating a smart phone than anyone I know and I hope that in years to come he will be able to provide his own mobility solution with a touch of a button, but more importantly that he has had the opportunity to help pioneer these products and services by being given the platform to showcase his true #Value and potential.

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