Value as a human being resides within

Jacques is an entrepreneur, evangelist and economist. He is the CEO of which sells products and services of young Haitian entrepreneurs online. #valuable advocate.

If, when everyone else finds excuses, you find reasons, I call you #SPECIAL. Not because there are not situations complicated enough, but because of the power of strong will and determination.

This is exactly what describes Pete. A young man with great capacities and a very promising future. But, like thousands of other Haitians, Pete was affected by the January 12 earthquake in 2010. He lost his right leg after concrete and iron fell on him.

However, what he has achieved in these past seven years, since the earthquake, has been really inspiring to other young people, especially me. His situation, instead of holding him back from succeeding, has been his motivation to fulfil any goal he has set for himself.

A father of three wonderful girls, he is married to a very supportive woman. Together they have several businesses, participate in a youth support group and a disaster and relief association. Both the government and local NGOs have used his energy to advocate for inclusion and as a living inspiration for other people with a disability.

Our value – as a human being – truly resides within us. And Peterson Augustin is proving it, day after day. His life is whispering to each of us: there is always a way, when life brings you misfortunes, to respond with light and strength.

Thank you, Pete, for being #valuable and #special.

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