Thursday’s Tribal News: Bressie, Lust For Life & #SoundEffect

Today we feature another of our launch ambassadors Bressie, A Lust for Life and the #SoundEffect.

Niall Breslin (Bressie) is a retired professional rugby and inter-county football player, multiple-platinum selling song writer and music producer, public speaker and documentary maker from county Westmeath in Ireland. Here’s what he had to say about #valuable at our launch event in Dublin:

Bressie is a co-founder of A Lust for Life, a movement for wellbeing. One that believes in the power of creating and sharing information that can help us all navigate this sometimes difficult but often wonderful world. A Lust for Life encourages us to look at life holistically, at all aspects of what it means to be human in order to live well.

In a world that continuously seem to peddle hate and negativity the teams at A Lust for Life and Pieta House recently joined forces to launch #SoundEffect – a campaign that turns up the volume on the power and importance of being ‘sound’ to each other and to ourselves. (For those of you who don’t live in Ireland ‘sound’ is defined in the image below).

Here is what the #SoundEffect is all about – please join in and share!

The topic of ‘being sound’ and mental wellness was also explored by A Lust for Life and Pieta House with lots of great guests over 3 days at Electric Picnic.  Check out these conversations on A Lust for Life’s Facebook Page.

Also launched at Electric Picnic was ‘The Little Book of Sound’ – a digital guide that shares ideas on how to use being sound to help our minds and our society.  The book, which was written with love and a bit of craic (fun, as we say in Ireland) can be downloaded for free here.

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