Our Mission

Today, people living with disabilities are among the most marginalised populations in the world.

Research suggests this group is an estimated 50 per cent less likely to have a job, twice as likely to be living in poverty and three times more likely not to achieve any educational qualifications.

#valuable believes we deserve to live in a world where everyone is valued equally. And we believe business has a vital role to play in advancing disability inclusion.

In the last 30-years, bold business leadership has played a crucial role in driving social change. Disability Inclusion is the next diversity challenge facing the corporate world.

#valuable firmly believes there has never been a better time to leverage the power of business to create action on behalf of the one billion people living with a disability.

Our Mission

To ensure businesses recognise the value and worth of the one billion people globally living with a disability across the full supply chain - and for businesses to equally position disability on the business agenda.

The story so far

Launched in August 2017, #valuable is led by award-winning disability activist and social entrepreneur Caroline Casey, who has worked with and spoken to over 500,000 businesses to transform their approach to business inclusion.

On 4th September 2017, Caroline embarked on a challenging month-long 1,000-kilometre horse adventure through Colombia to raise awareness of #valuable – arriving at the One Young World summit in Bogotá.

See Caroline’s full journey to One Young World below:

Since launch, #valuable has garnered the support of business leaders around the world and caught the attention of the global media – but this is just the start.


In 2018, we aim to:

Ignite Action

We’re looking for a commitment from the business world. We’re calling on 500 businesses to commit to tabling this issue at a board meeting in 2018

Find Leaders

We’re looking for 5 global business leaders and 10 young leaders to help us put this issue on the international business agenda, and keep it there

Drive Conversations

From Davos to SXSW and The New York Times to Mashable, we will campaign to ensure the one billion people living with a disability are part of the conversations that matter

Take Action

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If you share you share our belief that everyone is equally unique and valuable, we’d love to hear from you.

You can also contact us on valuable.info@wearesevenhills.com

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